Your corporate dinner

Corporate dinner is one of those special moments you wait for all year round. Those moments where everyone is sitting at the same table, where it doesn’t matter what floor you work in, where a cin is enough to make friends. There are large companies and small companies, there are many and few employees but the chief’s speech does not skip him. That we all know that between spoonfuls of cake we have to find time for the exchange of gifts, for the imitation of colleagues, for the joke. That’s why at Osteria San Mattia we thought of enhancing your team by offering you the opportunity to organize corporate lunches and dinners with the style that most distinguishes you. The menu is fully customizable, the ingredients are seasonal and our staff is ready to spoil you. Pyou have something different this year, a spacious but at the same time family-like place. Do you need any more excuses to call?
“Show confidence in your men and they will make sure they deserve it; treated by serious professionals, and they will
do anything not to disappoint you”
Ralph Waldo Emerson



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