The boys in the cellar: Tenuta Pederzana

“We love to see with our own eyes the passion and sacrifices of farmers engaged in the creation of healthy products, respecting the environment and nature. In our free time we prefer to personally visit farms, stables, breweries and cellars. For us professionalism lies in the incessant search for raw materials and in the human encounter with the producer”
– Marco & Mattia –

We love learning, we love to discover, we love to meet people who are always different. This and much more is what you create every time we visit the producers. Going to see them means immersing yourself personally and deeply within the production chain. Walking where they walk, understanding how machinery works, seeing the raw materials with which they are created, asking questions…
“The boys in the cellar” is a concept that we created right away and not only maintained but developed over the years. We are more and more and travel further and further away. Blowing up under your teeth the grains left on the vineyards is a unique experience, tasting the same wine in the cellar does not taste the same, seeing with your own eyes on which soil the vineyards grow is unparalleled. Tenuta Pederzana is located in Castelvetro in the province of Modena, the municipality is the orange flag of the Italian Touring Club. It is located in the central part of the province, on the hills before the Apennines and boasts a remarkable reputation for its Lambrusco Grasparossa. What makes this farm really special is the exclusivity with which it grows a clone of Grasparossa unique in the world. A story that was born after the war and for generations is handed down without this peculiarity being exploited until it arrives at the nephew Francesco Gibellini who to date is at the helm. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a sparkling fog and a detailed explanation of the territory that allowed us to better understand the uniqueness of lambrusco. Next we visited the cellar inside to see where the grapes are pressed, where it ferments and where it rests. Francesco’s passion for his work is in every sentence, in his every gesture. At the end of the visit came our favorite moment: tasting. With each bottle, every glass, every sip we found what was told until a few minutes before. To accompany the whole could not miss the fried dumplings, the tigelle (whose real name is crescentine) and the cold cuts of the Romagna tradition. The harmony that is created around a table is really unique and special in its kind because it manages to get everyone to get along. What did we take home from this experience? Certainly the love for lambrusco, the awareness of what we serve every day at the table but also a lot of secrets that we can’t wait to reveal to you.

With us you can find: Lambrusco Puntamora.



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