The boys in the cellar: Monte Santoccio

Each of us has a place of the heart, a place full of magic and in our case also of flavors.
We are talking about the Monte Santoccio Winery, perched on the hill from which it takes its name to watch the sun rise and set on the Valpolicella. The Ferrari family has always taken care of this land that today counts 4 hectares and produces Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara. The control over the entire production chain is maniacal: it starts from cultivation, continues with harvesting up, storage and finally fermentation. Every time we get to expect there is Nicola, the owner, and his wife Laura super smiling who welcome us just like at home. What do they make us find? An already set table full of cured meats and local cheeses whose purpose is to marry perfectly with the wines that we are going to taste. Our first visit served us to discover the winery, but from the second onwards a real friendship was born. Not only with the product itself (which we know, love and advise dispassionately) but with manufacturers who always make us feel like family, just like we try to do with our customers day after day. We always start with a tasting in which Nicola tells us how the harvest went, what next year’s wine will look like and what we should expect. But we also contribute, but we give him your opinions, what you like the most and what less. We create moments of confrontation to grow together and always find new ideas. Inevitable are the breaks between one glass and another in which we walk through the vineyards, play on the terrace between us and with its cute girls (team building is also this). Finally, we go down to where everything turns. Just go down the stone scallops to start breathing the scent of the must and the part we prefer is when it makes us taste the new wine directly from the barrel. This not only allows us to eviscerate the entire production process but also to compare it once bottled and finished. When it comes time to go home we are all a bit sad as if closing the doors an amusement park so between purchases, hugs and promises to see each other soon we return to the restaurant. Now all we have to do is let you taste our experience in person and know what you think. Here you can find Valpolicella Classico, Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso and Santoccio Rosso PGI.

See you at the table!
Note. The search for products that we serve at our tables is the result of what we live in first person. We still believe in true relationships: those born by harmony, by common interests, by sharing values.



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