The boys in the cellar: Majolini

The appointments with the guys in the cellar continue, this time we went a little further where art and nature become one. We are talking about the famous Majolini winery, one of the pearls of Franciacorta as well as the last company within the borders of the latter. We start talking about wine already in the 60s with the jamb head, Mr. Valentino, who begins to cultivate the Ruc of Gnoc. In 1981 the children founded the winery without forgetting the link with the territory that has always distinguished the philosophy of the Maiolini family. The land properties of the winery extend over the morainic hills of the municipality of Ome, for 24 hectares of land formed by stratifications of limestone. The luck of the place is the location, located in a protected inlet at the foot of Mount Brione (800 meters) and with a unique microclimate inside franciacorta. The quality of the vineyards is also given by the fact that they are located far from the most intense passage roads, bordered by woods and paths. They are very different vineyards, although all characterized by clayey limestone soil. At the beginning of the nineties work began on the construction of the new cellar, located in the domain of the entire valley. Despite the initial discontent given by logistical problems of transferring building material once the work was finished everyone agreed on the potential of the location. The architecture of the structure respects the typology of the old local farmhouses, several extensions are made over the years and the stones used to build are recycled from underground. We start our visit at 11.00 am in the square of the cellar together with other restaurateurs, the sun and clear sky make the view breathtaking and the mood already high. We are told the history of the family, its evolutions, the processes of building the cellar, the green philosophy and we are told that inside (but also outside) we will find different works of art by artists from all over the world.

Saint Matthias

On the other hand, how can we not be inspired by such a good wine? The first room is that of “the ground” where you can see bare the stratifications that make it up and distinguish the geological eras. In the second room there are several wooden barrels, different display cases that hold works of art created by different designers on the occasion of Vinitaly and finally a beautiful smell-visual representation of the tasting itself. The third and final destination is that of the warehouse where the bottles are stacked perfectly creating order, harmony, magic. As soon as they enter, it is a bit reminiscent of Gringott, only that instead of the elves to take care of the products there are other sculptures. The bottles are stacked with manic precision throughout the cellar creating an impressive visual path. We get to the taste, our favorite moment. We are welcomed and pampered in the tasting room where we are waiting for cold cuts, cheeses, bubbles. 12 bottles are provided, 2 hours available and 1000 questions to ask. Each bottle has its own history, its origin, its why and we could only find these words within every glass. One of the owners, Giovanni Maiolini, who took the reins of the company together with his cousin and made it as we know it today, transmitted to us exactly what Franciacorta is for them. The kind of bond they have established over the years with the territory, the love they put in every harvest and every label. The whole thing ended in the Belotti tavern a few steps from the cellar where together with the wonderful home cooking we had the pleasure of trying even the last bottles that escaped the tasting. A unique opportunity to chat with other restaurateurs, discuss many issues and receive new ideas. In short, when we go to meet a producer we always come back with many ideas, knowledge and friendships.

Each of us has found his favorite label that can’t wait to tell you: see you at the table!



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