Seasonal ingredients

We’ve made it an obsession now, we’re talking about seasonality. Choosing exclusively seasonal ingredients nowadays is a test of courage. Courage in defending the natural course of nature, courage to make you feel good and courage to experiment with new flavors. We create a bond of these with the territory from which they are transformed into a menu, taste or in the choice of a condiment.
Achieving total harmony with farmers is a daily commitment that we feed day after day by visiting them, talking to each other and exchanging advice. When we bring a dish to the table we know exactly how it is composed and why. Creating a seasonal menu by combining simple and pre-established ingredients is sometimes much more difficult because it limits the choice but the result is priceless. Offering strawberries in December would be easier, but what kind of message would we give? What we would like to be able to do is introduce the customer to a path of taste and responsibility. Making a really zero-kilometer dish involves information, study and imagination. The choice of products is marked by the calendar, the weather, the supplier and the mileage. Ethical and sustainable cuisine is possible. The more a customer appreciates it and understands its importance, the more interested it will be in reproducing this splendid concept in their daily lives. Educating is a great responsibility: it means trying to change other people’s behaviors and habits in favor of improvement. If you are a fan of the theme or just curious to know more talk to us about it. We will be excited to share our knowledge, in the meantime enjoy the new winter menu.



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