Pol Roger, the champagne that conquered Churchill

The story of this wonderful Champagne began in 1849 in Epernay when the very young Pol Roger scion of a family of notaries concluded his first sale of wine to a trader in Ay. He is remembered as a forerunner of the times as he directed production towards brut taste, guessing the preferences of the main market of the time: Great Britain. Later the children, in memory of their father, added his name to their surname marking the birth of the company and the Pol Roger brand. During the years of World War I the maison was not considered in its homeland but appreciated in the rest of the world. In the post-war period the situation changed until today where it is one of the most appreciated Champagnes in the world. The one who allowed this great success was the beautiful Odette Pol Roger. She was a great friend of Winston Churchill and made him discover this champagne with a strong style and rigorous taste and then became his absolute favorite. Winston considered champagne to be the drink par excellence and among all the maisons Pol Roger was his favorite: for taste and friendship. The meeting between the two dates back to the end of World War II in France, after the liberation of Paris in April 1944. It seems, in fact, that during a banquet to celebrate the armistice the British ambassador to France had the sumptuous Pol Roger 1928 Vintage served and did not fail to present the fascinating Odette to the Prime Minister. Blonde, slender, with clear eyes she embodied the elegance French the time making her known as one of the most beautiful women in Paris of the time. But it wasn’t just beauty that fueled her myth: reckless, reception-loving and with an innate affinity for the Anglo-Saxon universe. Odette Pol Roger conquered Winston Churchill, who instructed that whenever he returned to France he would be his guest. Churchill dedicated the fastest of his racehorses to his friend, christening him “Pol Roger” and asked for a special format of White Foil (the Champagne Cuvée, which will become the Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill), because it was the right measure “to revive my wife’s spirit”. On the assembly of the grapes has always been kept the strictest reserve. All that is known is that it is produced with chardonnay and pinot noir, the latter prevalent and in such a way as to “satisfy Sir Winston”. The exact composition is still jealously guarded in the company archives. The prestigious Cuvée, created and dedicated to Winston Churchill, is the pride point of the entire production. If the idea of being Churchill for a day breastfeeds you can’t help but try it. With us you can find Brut Reserve and Brut Vintage.

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