The Kitchen

For the preparation of each dish we respect the seasonal calendar of fruits and vegetables by choosing products from certified organic farming from local producers. All the flours used come from organic farming and are ground to stone. We try to satisfy any type of palate: in our kitchen there are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.


The card of our menus is produced with energy
100% renewable and recycled material.

The paper from our menus is produced with 100% renewable energy and recycled material.


Chopping boards


    Parma PDO cured raw ham 22 months, speck from Val d’Ultimo 9 months, soppressa from Lessinia, mortadella, cinta Sienese lardo with selected delicacies in oil


    Raw ham of cinta Senese, speck wine ennobled in Recioto 12 months, cinta senese capocollo, pancetta from Tuscany baked in the oven at low temperature, finocchiona IGP with selected delights in oil


    Taleggio from hut farming, Monte Veronese PDO d'Allevo Mezzano, Asiago D’allevo Vecchio, gorgonzola Malghese PDO with handmade mustards from organic farming


    Goat Baiz, goat Bolke robiola, Kitz tender goat cheese, blue Canabe goat herb with handmade mustards from organic farming


    Cow ricotta cheese, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, burrata of Corato with homemade giardiniera

Fish Delicacies

  • Sardines “in saor” with white flower polenta from organic farming
  • Moscardini in sauce, Florentine chickpeas cream, thyme pesto from the garden

  • Cantabrian Sea Anchovies, pan brioche, butter and aromatic herbs mousse, parsley mayonnaise


  • Raw meat of Garronese Veneta, mustard vinaigrette, chopped capers, sweet and sour red onion, green sauce
  • Peppered mussels with San Marzano tomato sauce and homemade bread croutons
  • Roasted scallops, swiss-cahrd coulis, eggplant cream
  • Seasonal grilled vegetables, malga fontina
  • Chickpea Farinata, vegetables from the garden, goat Primo Sale

Pasta and cereals

  • Ricotta cheese gnocchi, brownish butter from Lessinia, truffle
  • Carnaroli rice from organic agriculture, mushrooms, zucchini cream, Crescenza goat’s cheese

    (minimum 2 people)

  • Hard corn Senatore Cappelli homemade tortelli stuffed with Parma ham, drowned in the fondue of Monte Veronese DOP d'Allevo Mezzano

Grilled meat

  • Fiorentina of Scottona Iberica
  • Garronese Veneta scottona tomahawk
  • Garronese Veneta scottona dustpan
  • Picanha of Iberian scottona
  • Grilled meat: pork ribs, salamella, bacon, scottona di Garronese Veneta, cinta senese roast, beef diaphragm, polenta

    (recommended for 2 and served with cooked vegetables)

  • Iberian scottona beef rib
  • Costalunga pork steak marinated with aromatic herbs from the garden
  • National pig feather (250 gr)
  • Cut of Garronese Veneta scottona, arugula, Piave cheese flakes
  • Free range chicken thigh from organic farming

Un grilled meat

  • Milanese veal knot cutlet 18.5
  • Veal ossobuco cooked at low temperature, polenta with chickpeas 16.5

The Fish

  • The catch of the day
  • Roasted octopus tentacles, Camone tomato and cucumbers gazpacho, Apulian burrata
  • Red tuna in sesame crust, mixed salad and vegetables from the garden


  • Santorini

    Garden salad, tomato, red onions, Lipari capers, olives from Nocellara del Belice, basil, Greek feta cheese


    Garden salad, valerian, chicken breast, Nocellara del Belice olives, soya mayonnaise, carrots, corn


    Vegetable garden salad, arugula, tomatoes, first goat salt, cabbage pak-choi and crumbled almonds


    Vegetable garden salad, chicory, sugar loaf radicchio, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, soybean shoots,
    flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, nut powder


    Vegetable garden salad, arugula, tomatoes, mozzarelline, olives Nocellara del Belice, tuna, Lipari capers, corn

The sweetness of home

  • Macedonia with seasonal fruit
  • The host of the house (let yourself be surprised!)

  • Vanilla flavored panna cotta with berries
  • Cardamom mulled creams
  • Malga robiola cake with raspberry jam
  • Gianduia tiramisu and sponge cake flavored with wild hazelnut liqueur
  • Chocolate salami
  • Chocolate cake with dark heart and natural apricot jam
  • Belgian coffee and caramel pudding, chocolate biscuit
  • Ricotta cream, caramelized pears in sablè pasta crust
  • Millefeuille, chantilly cream, dark chocolate flakes
  • Sbrisolona with Recioto form Valpolicella 7.0

    (friable short pastry of Verona and Recioto wine)


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