Increase your immune defenses with nutrition

Winter allied with influences and colds, fight them with the right nutrition!

We have always told you through our menu how nutrition is a fundamental step to increase immune defenses. We decided to give a little overview of what are the foods that could help you and that at the same time you find in our proposal.

Wellness foods

To strengthen the body, it is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet, trying to avoid the consumption of foods that contain a high amount of sugars and saturated fats. Nature comes to our aid by offering us seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients. In addition, we only use what comes from our garden or organic farming.

Let’s discover together 3 foods allied to health that you can also find in our menu:


Mushrooms are very rich in Selenium and betaglucan, a mineral and a complex molecule that stimulate the activity of white blood cells
You can find them in: Carnaroli rice from the Restello farm from organic agriculture, red radicchio from Verona, sbrise, velvety witheks, Tuscan bacon.


Pumpkin contains high doses of beta-carotene, precursor of Vitamin A, which stimulates the activity of the immune system.
You can find it in: roasted scallops, pumpkin cream, forest cardoncelli and mizuna.


There are different types of cabbage but all are rich in iron, zinc and selenium.
You can find it in: Buckwheat, sea molluscs, cabbage naone and fiolaro.
Conscious eating helps yourself, nature and those around us. Start with the little things!

We are waiting for you to visit our garden and discover together all the varieties that winter offers us.



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