In the kitchen with the staff: homemade pizza.

Did someone say pizza? We have asked ourselves several times how to help improve your days during this period of forced distance. We consulted several times to come to the same conclusion. Share what we do best: cook!
Here is a simple rice for those who in these days want to get their hands dirty avoiding frozen products!


– 450 g flour 00

– 50 g wholemeal flour (to give taste)

– 350 ml of water

– 15 g salt

– 15 g extra virgin olive oil

– 5 g fresh brewer’s yeast or 12g dry brewer’s yeast

– Sesame or flax seeds at will q.b.


Combine the flours in a bowl with the crumbled yeast to make the flour oxygenated, add water several times in small quantities to create the glutinous mesh without ceasing to knead. Once we have obtained a sufficiently solid consistency work it on a shelf and then bring the mass back to the soil where we will add the remaining water, salt and oil (which will have the function of creating a kind of film around the dough and giving it crunchiness in cooking). Close the bowl with cling film and let the mass rest for an hour at room temperature and two hours in the refrigerator.

Pause reading, work out and TV series.

Remove the mixture and place it on a shelf sprinkled with flour. Work it delicately but decisively by bending it on itself to make the surface smooth. Separate the dough into two or more balls (depends on the diameter you want to obtain) and let rise for another 4/6 hours inside a container.


Video call break, spring cleaning and snack.
Lay the balls back on the floured shelf and crush them by moving the air from the inside out creating a beautiful high cornice. Oil a round aluminum mold and lay the base, add the previously seasoned tomato and turn on the oven. These 20 minutes of waiting will take the yeast to finish the process.

Static oven: 220 °

Cook the base for about 10 minutes in the lower part of the oven and then add mozzarella and what you want by bringing the baking tray closer to the resistance for another 5 minutes or so.

Filling tip: Pepper cream, fresh spoon stracchino, crispy rolled bacon, fresh thyme.

Extra touches:

If you use the kneading machine make sure the water is freezing as the dough would heat up by breaking the glutinous mesh preventing the gas from being retained. The result would be an uns leavened flat pizza. (better look for specific recipes)

Do not spread the dough with the rolling pin but “open” it with your hands otherwise the leavening process would be frustrated

Remember to always choose a quality tomato sauce as it is the real protagonist of pizza, do the same with all the other ingredients. Better the raw material, better the result.

Now all you have to do is get down to business! Tag us in your stories and posts so we can see the end result. If you have any questions about the choice of ingredients or the process, make a whistle!

Recipe by Mattia Melotti



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