I Taglieri

Prosciutto crudo di Parma DOP stagionatura 22 mesi, speck della Val d’Ultimo stagionatura 9 mesi, soppressa della Lessinia, mortadella di cinta senese, lardo di cinta senese con delizie sott’olio selezionate


Culatello dello Zibello DOP cured for 12 months, Cinta senese Capocollo (air-cured pork meat), slow baked at low temperatures Pancetta Toscana (bacon), Speck Wine marinated in Recioto wine cured in 12 months, Finocchiona IGP (salami with fennel seeds). Everything is combined with picked vegetables.

Organic Taleggio cheese DOP, organic Monte Veronese d’allevo DOP, Cimbro Classico Stravecchio, Gorgonzola Malghese DOP. Everything is combined with selected homemade organic mustard.


Baiz goatʼs cheese, Kitz caciotta goatʼs cheese, Bolke robiola goatʼs cheese, Canabe Blu marbled goatʼs cheese. Everything is combined with selected homemade organic mustard.

Organic Ricotta, buffalo Mozzarella, Corato Burrata from Apulia. Everything is combined with pickled vegetables.

Cured meats combined with pickled vegetables

Slow baked at low temperature Pancetta Toscana (bacon)

Finocchiona IGP (salami with fennel seeds) 

Lessinia Soppressa salami 

Cinta senese Lard

Cinta senese Mortadella 

Speck Wine cured in Recioto for 12 months

Val dʼUltimo speck cured for 12 months

Cinta senese Capocollo (air-cured pork meat)

Prosciutto crudo di Parma Dop 22 mesi

Wild boar salami

La Culotta di Walter cured for 24 month

Culatello di Zibello DOP cured for 12 months

Vinappeso Giulietta cured for 18 months and marinated in Recioto and Amarone wine

Cheese combined with selected homemade mustard

Organic Taleggio cheese DOP

Organic Monte Veronese dʼallevo DOP

Cimbro stravecchio

Gorgonzola malghese DOP

Grana Padano aged for 24 months

Primo sale Goat's cheese

Baiz's goat cheese

Kitz goat tender Caciotta

 Bolke goat robiola 

Marbled goat Canabe Blu


Selected cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella with tomato coulis, dry tomato peel, dry olives

Burrata from Apulia combined with homemade pickled vegetables

Organic Ricotta with homemade citrus fruit infused mustard

Fish temptations

Marinated Rainbow Trout, mixed salad from the garden and herbs mayonnaise

Baby octopus with tomato souce, buckwheat and corn organic polenta

Cantabrico Sea anchovies served with roasted bread and organic Lessinia butter

Sardines in a sweet and sour sauce with onion, buckwheat and corn organic polenta

Marinated Rainbow Trout Tartare, beetroot cream, forest mushrooms


Garronese beef tartare, dijon mustard, Lipari chopped cucunci (capers), Nocellara chopped olives, Monte Veronese waffles

Baked scallops, pumpkin cream, cardoncelli mashrooms and mizuna

Raw fresh vegetables, hummus, soy mayonnaise, citronette

Seasonal grilled vegetables with goat scamorza cheese fondue

Mussels à la marinière with San Marzano tomato sauce and homemade croutons

Main courses

Homemade Ricotta cheese gnocchi, organic Lessinia butter and truffle

Organic Carnaroli rice (Azienda Agricola Restello), radicchio of Verona, sbrise mushrooms, leek cream, tuscany bacon (min 2 p.)

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat homemade Tortelli, stuffed with Parma ham on organic Monte Veronese dʼAllevo DOP fondue

Whole Couscous of timilia flavored with Puy lentils, herb and tubers from our garden

Buckwheat, molluscs, Naone and Fiolaro cabbage

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat homemade Fettuccine with bolognese lamb sauce, topinambur, wild fennel, pecorino cheese of Moliterno

Homemade Maltagliati of buckwheat and rice flour, broccoli cream, anchovy pesto, dry tomatoes and pine nuts 

Soup of the day 

Grilled meats

Grilled Iberian Florentine T-bone steak

Young Iberian Tomahawk

Shoulder of Garronese Veneta

Iberian beef Picanha steak

Tomahawk of italian pig with herbs from the vegetable garden

Mixed grill: sausages, pork ribs, bacon, Garronese Veneta beef steak, Cinta Senese arrosticini, piuma cut Italian pork steak, corn organic polenta (min 2 p.)

Organic Iberian rib

Free range chicken thigh from organic farming

Piuma cut Italian pork steak (300 gr.) 

Sliced beef sirloin, radicchio of Verona, flakes of Monte Veronese


Out of grill

Milanese calf

Pork shank marinated in Dunkel Flotzinger beer, Bavarian potatoes salad, roasted garden vegetables

The fish

Roasted octopus tentacles, mashed cauliflower, crispy pakchoi and wild fennel

Tataki tuna in a white and black sesame seed crust, violet sweet and sour savoy cabbage, chives mayonnaise

Catch of the day

Side dish

Panned baked potatoes


Mixed garden salad 

Seasonal steamed vegetables 

Seasonal grilled vegetables



Salad, tomatoes, red onions, capers of Lipari, olives of Nocellara del Belice, basil and Greek Feta cheese


Salad, mizuna, valeriana, chicken breast, olives of Nocellara del Belice, soy mayonnaise, carrots, corn


See you in summer!


Salad, rocket, tomatoes, Primo Sale goat cheese, Fiolaro broccoli, almond dust


Salad, rocket, tomatoes, cherry Mozzarella bites, olives of Nocellara del Belice, tuna, capers of Lipari, corn


Salad, mizuna, radicchio of Veronamatoes, chickpeas, topinambur, soy sprouts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and nut dust

Homemade desserts

Sbrisolona: dry almond cake served with a glass of Recioto della Valpolicella red wine

Todayʼs special (ask the staff!)

Fresh seasonal fruit salad

Phyllo dough, Chantilly cream, dark chocolate flakes

Giovanna’s crepes: discover all the combinations

Crème Brulée with cardamom

Panna cotta: dessert made by simmering together cream, milk, sugar and gelatine aromatised with vanilla served with berries

Chocolate pie with a creamy centre served with Williams pear jam

Chocolate salami: chocolate and broken biscuits cake

Ricotta cheese cream and caramelized pear inside sablè biscuit

Cheescake (organic Robiola cheese) served with raspberries jam

Gianduia Tiramisù: dessert made with Savoiardi biscuits dipped in espresso and layered with Mascarpone cheese with a dash of wild hazelnut liquor


Coffee and chocolate Belgian pudding, chocolate biscuit